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American Brush Manufactures Association European Brushware Federation

Discover the venue

Bolognafiere is one of  the leading European Exhibition Organizers and one of the most advanced exhibition centre worldwide  and it is ready to host the World Brush Expo 2024.


  • 375,000 square metres, including indoor and outdoor areas
  • 20 wired, air-conditioned pavilions with a state-of-the-art ventilation system
  • 5 independent entrances  that allow multiple events to be hosted simultaneously
  • Flexibility and mobility ensured by a network of paths and a parking system with 14,500 covered parking spaces
  • The Centre can be easily reached through an efficient network of road, rail and airport connections (7km from the Bologna “Guglielmo Marconi” Airport, 3 km from the high -speed railway station, 5 km from the city centre);
  • Dedicated motorway exit, allowing direct entry to the Fair;
  • The Centre features a heliport, located on the roof of Halls 16-18