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Plasticfibre S.R.L

Pad 30
Stand G69
Anzola dell’Emilia – 40011 – Italia
Manufacturer of quality synthetic monofilaments for brooms and brushes in a wide range of polymers for any application.
PVC – PET – PP – PBT – PE – PA6 – PA66 – PA610- PA612 – PA612 abrasive
Tel: +39051739762
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PMM- Proveedora Mexicana de Monofilamentos SA DE CV

Pad 30
Stand G57
Mexico City – 08500 – Mexico
Manufacturers of synthetic filaments for all types of brushes. Specialized in the production of filaments for toothbrushes, interdental brushes, cosmetic brushes, medical application brushes and industrial brushes.
Tel: +525557638663
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Poli Francesco e Attilio e C SAS

Pad 29
Stand C3
Casalmaggiore – 26041 – Italia
Tel: +390375201032
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Presma S.P.A

Pad 29
Stand C10
Gornate Olona – Frazione Torba – 21040 – Italia
Italian leading manufacturer of injection molding machines for semi-expanded, recycled, two-component and multicolor thermoplastics, PRESMA offer multi-station solutions from 10 to 18 mold-holder stations for the specific sector relating to brooms for both domestic and industrial use; larger models of 5, 6 or 8 stations are dedicated to industrial disc brushes ; for brush handles Presma developed robotic islands of up to 3 different colors/materials.
Tel: +390331811611
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Promat sp. z.o.o.

Pad 30
Stand H33
Kampinos – 05-085 – Poland
Promat Sp. z o.o. is a production company of brush and broom mixtures. We also supply in natural fibres and hair like Coco Fibre, Basine, Tampico, Arenga, Horse and Cattle Hair imported from origin countries. We produce mixtures of all mentioned raw materials with synthetics in any custom composition. We works on latest technology machines offering best quality and deliveries on time thanks to big stocks.
Tel: +48602121855
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Pad 30
Stand J42
Jiangsu – 226221 – China
Qidong Bowen® Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd, established in 1997 in Jiangsu is a leading monofilament manufacturer. Bowen® specializes in toothbrush filament technology, ensuring exceptional products with precise viscosity control and colour consistency. Holding ISO certifications, our range includes Level Round, Chemically Tapered and Innovative Filaments, providing superior performance and customization. Bowen® exceeds global customer expectations through continuous technological advancements.
Tel: +8651383889561
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Pad 30
Stand J40
QINGDAO – 266300 – China
Qingdao Jinfuxin Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd is a state designated enterprise producing plastic machinery and high-tech enterprise in Qingdao. Mainly engaged in research & development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sale service of new plastic machinery. Our mainly product is PET/PP broom brush monofilament production line, also we do Nylon/PE/PBT/PVC monofilament production line. Our machines are popular with the customers, which are sold all over the world.
Tel: +8613687682318
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Roth Composite Machinery GmbH

Pad 30
Stand E15
Burgwald – 35099 – Germany
Roth Composite Machinery is an internationally active specialist in the construction of special machinery. The company plans, designs and manufactures units, machines and entire production lines in the Brushes & Brooms, Pleating & Coating and Filament Winding & Prepreg business areas. The machines stand for first-class, high-performance mechanical engineering.
Tel: +496451719180
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Rothlaender & Co. GmbH

Pad 30
Stand I26
Hamburg – 20097 – Germany
Rothlaender & Co. GmbH. As a family business now in its fifth generation of ownership, we are one of Hamburg’s traditional and sustainably managed import companies with a history of more than 150 years in foreign trade between Asia and Europe. We look forward to welcoming you personally at the World Brush Expo together with our partner Yongli Filaments & Bristles Nanjing/ China. See you in Hall 30, Booth I26 – Benvenuti!
Tel: +494023888110
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Pad 29
Stand B10
Massa e Cozzile – 51010 – Italia
The S. DINI SRL – is present in the plastic moulding sector since 1976.
The high level of specialisation that we have acquired in this sector allows us to offer ourselves today as suppliers who can look after the client in all production phases from design to moulding, assembly and packaging of the finished products.
Over the years, S.Dini has been able to invest in technology to meet the growing needs of the market in terms of quality and service.
Tel: +390572772222
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S.T.P. Società Trasformazione Polimeri S.R.L

Pad 30
Stand H35
Rescaldina – 20027 – Italia
STP, founded in 1976, has grown its business over the years to become a market leader in the supply of high quality synthetic filaments for brush applications, making its name synonymous with superior performances throughout the world.
This is the result of continuous investments in technologies and control systems, constant research for sustainable products and low energy impact production processes, customer orientation of all employees at every stage, to provide only the best filaments
Tel: +390331464920
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Selehdar Fiber

Pad 29
Stand C32
Giza – 3111 – Egypt
Selehdar Fiber

Masters of Quality
Highest Quality, Lowest Diameter

A Legacy of Experience, 40 Years

Selehdar Fiber initiated in Egypt with 40 years of experience in the monofilament industry, we became masters of quality. Now we are a pioneering manufacturer of high-quality PET monofilament, dedicated to best quality, durability and sustainability. From waste bottles to brilliance, We export our products world wide, our location in Egypt helped our products to shine around the world.

Tel: +2012230993333
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Sharpwire Industries (India) pvt. ltd.

Pad 30
Stand E42
Cennai – 600077 – India
We at Sharpwire constantly work towards our mission to produce the highest quality wires at the most reasonable price. Since 1997, we have been producing the most technically demanding wire, right from melting to continuous casting, rolling, drawing, heat treatment, finishing, & packaging.
In-house, giving us total control over the quality of the wire, leading to a stable end product for our customers.
Tel: +919841014412
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Shenzhen TIDE Filaments Co., Ltd

Pad 30
Stand I46
Shenzhen – 518118 – China
We are professional manufacturer of abrasive filaments (SIC/AO/Ceramic/Diamond) and bristle discs & brushes. With “WOLF” as LOGO, it has taken the lead in Chinese market. Our everyproduct is in highest quality and provide bestcompetitively to our customers.Our abrasive filaments have been exporting to Europe, Japan and many other countries more than 18 years. All the products are well confirmed.
Abrasive filaments,
Bristle discs & brushes,
Tel: +8613825203390
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Shijiazhuang Dongmei Brush Co., Ltd

Pad 30
Stand L39
Shijiazhuang – 052560 – China
The Founder, Mr. Du Jianguang was Born in 1955. After Mr. Du Jianguang graduating from high school, he also start to work in the government company and deal with the animal hair business and as a seller, after some years study from the leader and his hart work, he became the best Technical staff and manager very soon.Since 1986, he quit from the national company and builds his own company with his wife Mrs. Song Yikun Called Dongshen tail hair factory. Dong means Dragon of Eastern.
Tel: +86 311 8512 9806
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Pad 30
Stand L3
Shijiazhuang – 050000 – China
Golden Harvest offers:
1/Boiled pig bristle ranging from 60% tops to 90% tops in white, natural black/dyed black, and gray colors.
2/Bristle mixture, combining tapered PBT/PET filaments and boiled bristle, available in Economical, Professional, and Master blends to meet paintbrush manufacturers’ requirements.
3/Filaments mixture, blending different filaments to achieve desired painting results, such as HIB (High Imitation Bristle), two-tone mixture, and tapered Nylon/PET mixture.
Tel: +8631188632339
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Sibo S.R.L

Pad 30
Stand I22
Ornavasso – 28877 – Italia
SIBO Engineering is a leading company in manufacturing woodworking and metalworking machinery. We offer a wide range of mechanical, hydraulic, and CNC solutions for milling, shaping, sanding, and surface finishing. Our expertise combined with innovative technologies allows us to develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring high-quality and long-lasting results.
Tel: +393356155082
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SiChuan Chuanhu Bristle Company

Pad 30
Stand L35
ZIZHONG – 641200 – China
Sichuan chuanhu bristle co.,Itd is one of the largest specialized natural bristle manufacturer in southwest of China 。The company was founded in 1997 。Our annual production capacity is more than 10000partons(25kg/carton).We can supply 44mm-152mm Chungking/ hankow/tsingdao/shanghai white/black/grey/brown boiled/Unboiled bristles and bleaching black/white boiled/unboilboiled bristles and Rifling,also all kinds of mixture bristles,such as black/white/grey,and all combinations etc.
Tel: +868325604091
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Sichuan Chungking Bristles Trading Co., Ltd.

Pad 30
Stand J46
DEYANG – 618000 – China
Founded in 2011, the company is a professional export manufacturer engaged in natural bristle-Chungking boiled bristles, bristle mixture and synthetic monofilament. The EU approval registration number is 7900ZC004, and the monthly output reaches five containers. Products are exported to Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa and other countries and regions.
Tel: +868382421188
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Pad 30
Stand L51
LESHAN – 614802 – China
With an area of 20,000㎡ land, since 2018 we have built about 4500㎡ modernized workshops,and purchased many new bristle production equipment, which greatly improves the working environment for workers and improves the production efficiency.

At present, our recruitment is 50 employees, the main products are all kinds of pure natural black/white, grey/bleached boiled bristles, and almost all kinds of filament mixtures. Our 40 years production experience will meet your satisfaction.

Tel: +8613307318257
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Societe Said Metal Stick co

Pad 30
Stand H29
Mahdia – 5125 – Tunisia
Ste Said Metal Stick Co fabrique les manches métalliques avec plusieurs dimensions, plusieurs conceptions et plusieurs couleurs.
Notre rapport qualité / prix raisonnable, nous permetra de garder nos clients satisfaits et leur fournir des produits à un prix trés compétitif. Nous devons toujours veillez sur notre performance et notre qualité à travers l’utilisation de machine à haute technologie et un personnel hautement qualifié assurant un contrôle qualité aux phases de fabrication.
Tel: +21670014362
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Pad 30
Stand G33
Larciano – 51036 – Italia
Spival S.p.A has been a trusted supplier for over 70 years of raw materials for paint brush manufacturers and produces high quality wedges for paint and wall brushes.
Tel: +390573859001
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Suizhou Longxin Bristle Brush Co., Ltd

Pad 30
Stand L53
Suizhou – 441307 – China
SUIZHOU LONGXIN BRISTLE BRUSH CO.,LTD is the leading bristle manufacturer and exporter
in China since 1978,now it is already the third generation to manage the company. It is
well-known all over the world for its consistent quality,competitive prices,punctual s
hipment and professional customer services.
We mainly devote ourselves to the production of natural double boiled or triple boiled
bristle with natural white,natural black,gray,dyed black and bleached color,tops is 60%
-90% and size
Tel: +86 187 2793 8038
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TaiHing Nylon Filament Products Co., Ltd

Pad 30
Stand L9
Hong Kong – 999077 – China
Since 1985, Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co., Ltd. is one of the most prestigious monofilament manufacturers in Hong Kong, specialized in producing nylon filament PA6, 66, 612 and synthetic bristle PBT, PET, PP etc. With the factory area of more than 20,000 square meters, Tai Hing has strong production capacity and maintains ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001 management systems certifications.
Tel: +852 2494 0233
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Pad 30
Stand J58
Taixing Xuezhong Bristles & Brushes Co., Ltd was set up in 1986, located in Taixing Jiangsu province China. It’s the specialized factory who products all kinds of bristles items and has a large production scale in the same line of China. It can supply all kinds of washed, boiled, white bleached, dyed bristles, imitation filaments and brushes used in daily life or in industry with super quality and special technical service to customers.
Tel: +8652387461588
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Taizhou Hongyue Machinery Co., Ltd.

Pad 30
Stand L45
Taizhou – 318055 – China
Taizhou Honyeu Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Luqiao,Taizhou,Zhejiang,China,was founded in 1997,which is specialized in the production of brush machine trimming machine,multi-station foaming injection machine and corresponding spare parts.
Tel: +8618067703761
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Taizhou Huangyan Zhongxin Plastic Co., Ltd

Pad 30
Stand I27
TAIZHOU – 318020 – China
LHT Zhongxin Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, specializing in the production of high-quality monofilament such as PA, PP, PET, PBT, PE and Tapered. The factory of high-quality monofilament such as PA, PP, PET, PBT, PE and Tapered. The factory equipment, precision testing equipment, and reliable strength to produce all kinds of high-quality monofilament, with a monthly production capacity of more than 450 tons.
Tel: +8657684188105
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Tre Colli S.P.A

Pad 30
Stand H34
Sommacampagna – 37066 – Italia
Tel: +390458960433
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Warna Exporters (PVT) Ltd

Pad 30
Stand E16
Padukka – – Sri Lanka
Established in 1995 Warna Exporters are a leading Sri Lankan Manufacturer of household and industrial wooden brushware with worldwide export capabilities, employing the latest technology to produce high quality products with strict quality control procedures, Warna Exporters are perfectly equipped to supply your brushware needs. Warna Exporters have the capabilities to fully manage the production process from tree cutting and preparation through to filling and shipping orders.
Tel: +94344928900
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Yangzhou Haixing Brush Machine Co., Ltd

Pad 30
Stand I21
Yangzhou – 225001 – China
Since its establishment in 1985, Yangzhou Haixing CNC Brush Machine Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the research & development and manufacturing of leading household and industrial brush making equipment, which is committed to providing global customers with high-performance brush making equipment and advanced production methods. After more than 30 years of continuous development, our product line has covered oral brushes, household cleaning brushes, sanitation brushes, industrial brushes.
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Pad 30
Stand L57
YANGZHOU – 225000 – China
Located in Guocun Town which is famous for bristle production in China and have been in lines of bristle/horsetail hair more than thirty years. We use our advantage of raw material, good relation with other suppliers, entered into lines of brush/roller from 2005, starting from high level, passed ISO9001 quality system authentication in 2008. Now we occupy an area of 16,500square meters with a building area of 9,000 square meters.In 2015, We established Yangzhou Hengyue Brush Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86 138 5270 9338
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Yangzhou Ibrushtech Products Co., Ltd

Pad 30
Stand J28
Yangzhou – 225100 – China
Yangzhou lbrushtech Products Co. Ltd, established in 2006, is a supplier of toothbrush making machine.household brushes making machine and toothbrushinjection moulds etc. the most professional companyof brush making in China.We have exported more than 100countries like USAMexico, Canada, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Thailand,India etc.Our machines can help customers to built wholeautomatic production lines of brushes,so they canproduce the brushes in lower price but perfectquality.
Tel: +8615995125193
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Yangzhou Jaingdu Yuandong Bristle & Leather Factory

Pad 29
Stand D15
Yangzhou – 225012 – China
Tel: +86057185393781
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Yangzhou Jiangdu Longteng Brush Factory

Pad 30
Stand I47
JIANGDU – 225200 – China
Yangzhou Jiangdu Longteng Bristle Brush Factory was established in 2002,is a professional factory focusing on the research and development, production and sales of bristle brush products. Currently has a number of product lines. The main products are artificial wool, paint brush silk, toothbrush silk, makeup brush silk and so on. Mainly used for paint brushes, toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, ect.
Tel: +8615895713057
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